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Corsair-X Tatsuki Helmet

Corsair-X Tatsuki Helmet

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Explore the innovative features of the Corsair-X Tatsuki Helmet designed to elevate your riding experience:

  1. Adaptable Shape: Engineered with an intermediate oval shape tailored to suit the diverse range of head shapes prevalent in North American markets, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for riders.

  2. Enhanced Ventilation: Experience superior airflow with an internal air channel system that efficiently extracts hot/moist air from the eye port area. Ducted channels behind the cheek pads release this air through side cowl vents, ensuring a cool and fog-free ride.

  3. PB-SNC2 Shell: Utilizing Z Resin, an in-house-developed material, this helmet bonds multiple layers and materials more securely while reducing resin usage. The result is a stronger yet lighter shell, enhancing both durability and weight reduction.

  4. Superior Shell Construction: Crafted with Super Fiber and specialized synthetic reinforcing fibers, the helmet's shell offers remarkable strength with excellent Glancing Off properties, ensuring enhanced safety.

  5. Reinforced Structure: Internal Structural net and Peripheral Belt additions further fortify the shell's strength without adding significant weight or thickness, prioritizing rider protection.

  6. Innovative Shield Mechanism: The Variable Axis System (VAS) latch securely holds the shield closed, preventing unexpected openings. Its design enables smooth shield operation even at lower shield mount positions.

  7. Convenient Shield Management: Featuring a dual-function lever, the helmet facilitates quick and effortless shield removal. The larger latch design allows intuitive shield operation, even while wearing heavy gloves.

  8. Efficient Shield Control: The shield boasts a positive stop mechanism, preventing unintentional opening, while a slight pull on the lift tab allows for easy, hassle-free shield lifting, especially in the de-mist position.

  9. IC Duct5 Technology: Utilizing a three-position slide gate, this innovative technology enhances sealing, reducing noise and water intrusion for a more enjoyable ride.

  10. Safety-focused Vent Design: Strategically mounted vents ensure they detach easily upon impact, preventing excess rotational force or snagging on obstacles.

Discover the pinnacle of safety and innovation in motorcycle helmets with the Corsair-X Tatsuki Helmet.

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